General Motors Overview

Electric motors are machines that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, and when we connect an engine to the grid, it will absorb a certain amount of electrical energy, and in turn drives a load, for example a tram. AC electric motors operate when connected to AC mains, are single-phase or three-phase if single-phase voltage or three-phase voltage are required. DC motors 108014.00 dc motors operate when connected to a DC voltage network. AC motors are currently the most commonly used; we can find them in domestic refrigerators. in machine tools etc. DC motors are of more restricted use, being found in electric traction, large rolling mills etc.

This process of converting the form of energy is equivalent to that which happens in a gasoline engine. In this engine, also called the explosion engine, it takes advantage of the energy coming from the burning of fuel to move the vehicle. In an electric motor the fuel is the electric energy. Engines are generally composed of two parts: the rotor which is the moving part and the stator or casing which is the fixed part and are classified as alternating and direct current motors.