For those who want an elegant night in Curitiba, here are five suggestions.

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Good wine, exquisite cuisine, cozy and tastefully decorated
space. Badida’s premise is to offer selected cuts of meat and special
accompaniments. Among the garnishes, the highlight is the palm heart
salad, exclusive to Badida. Among the meats, the medallion of mignon
with bacon is sensational. Located in the elegant hotel Nomaa, the
Nomade restaurant offers a menu full of surprises, signed by chef
Lenin Palhano. On Saturdays and Sundays, the choice is to enjoy the
famous brunch, with artisan breads, grilled brioche, oxtail with corn,
sweet potato chips, among other delights. In the evening, the menu is
à la carte. Among the main dishes is the unmissable grilled pink shrimp
with pumpkin and coconut rice. One of those little places that you
don’t give anything to when you walk past and are totally surprised
when you enter. Open from Monday to Saturday, Poco Tapas offers a
charming atmosphere and the idea of eating tapas, as small portions
are known in Spain. But don’t just expect this. The tapas at this place
rely on molecular gastronomy techniques, which take the act of
cooking to another level.