Currently, about 20% of the movement of the house comes from orders placed by phone or delivery applications.

One of the options is Arroz de Pato (rice with shredded duck cooked in its own
broth with Portuguese sausage and broad beans, straw potatoes and duck thigh),
one of the most requested at Adega Santiago. It is also worth trying the Bacalhau à
Brás (shredded and stirred with onion, black olives, straw potatoes and eggs) and
the Duck Croquettes Pizzeria Cucina, located in Morumbi, has focused on delivery
since its opening four years ago. This volume was achieved thanks to the quality
of the product served in the salon, which aroused the desire of customers to enjoy
the same rounds at home.
Italian restaurants in the alpharetta ga area
In addition, there is special attention in the delivery
process: “you have to be very careful with the product’s packaging, so that it can
breathe; with the delivery time, so that the order does not cool down until it reaches
the customer’s home; and with the suitcase that the motoboy will use to carry the
order, which has to be specific to accommodate the pizza box”, explains Marcus
Ramalho, pizzeria restaurateur. Businessman Sylvio Lazzarini, responsible for the
success of Varanda – a renowned meat restaurant with units in Jardins and Itaim
Bibi – saw delivery as a good business opportunity.