Classic and authorial menu

Meats with selected cuts are part of a wide menu with options for all tastes. A Northern Italian
classic, ossobuco accompanied by saffron risotto is one of the options served at a restaurant
attached to a hotel in São Paulo.
Bringing together tradition and modernity in an authorial dish: fresh tagliolini of own
production, cooked to perfection and bathed in a lobster bolognese in cubes spread in a
tomato sauce with foam emulsified from truffle flavored oil, added with grilled crustacean
syrup. This is the recipe of the chef at the restaurant of a brilliant hotel in the Jardins region of
São Paulo.
The trendy cuisine of another restaurant, in turn, is portrayed in a dish as pici with pepperoni
sauce and slightly spicy white beans due to the addition of peperoncino. Another treat that is
part of the menu is the peanut semifredo with crispy bacon crumbs bathed in cocoa and
Campari syrup.
Imagine the satisfaction of your clientele when they can enjoy shrimps made with firewood on
arugula leaves, accompanied by a salad with orange slices! In the best Italian restaurant
according to Guia Comer e Beber 2018/2019, it is possible, for example, to taste gnocchi filled
with ossobuco with white wine and herbs. Among the à la carte and tasting options, there is
also the vegetarian combination of pumpkin with walnut cream and eggplant.