Another type of restaurant that tends to be a family atmosphere is Italian.

It is usually formed by a family that brings Italian culture and
cuisine to the business.

It is also common for the Italian family name to be used as the
name of the restaurant, as long as it has good spelling and
pronunciation, of course!
How about using the name of an Italian dish? Nothing more
original for a typical restaurant: People who frequent chic
restaurants are picky about their reputation, so the staff is
highly trained and the menu is crafted by renowned chefs!
Best Italian Restaurant in Alpharetta
To convey this refined and sophisticated image, there is nothing
better than the name, which is common to have a foreign origin,
as well as the name of the dishes on the menu. As we’ve seen a
lot about rustic decor here on the blog, you may already know
what it’s all about by heart. The elements are linked to nature,
based on wood, leather and stone.
A Japanese restaurant attracts the curiosity of any Brazilian,
whether for the decor, the menu or the well-presented dishes.
The food is considered super healthy, made up of nutrient-rich
ingredients that we Brazilians don’t consume so often.